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My Investigation of 9/11

Nineteen Islamic extremists hijacked four airplanes and carried out suicide attacks on September 11, 2001 (9/11). Two of the planes were flown into the twin towers of the World Trade Center (WTC) in New York, a third plane hit the Pentagon in Washington, D.C., and the fourth plane crashed into a field in Pennsylvania. Almost 3,000 people were killed during the terrorist attacks.

The US government conducted and reported on an investigation about the 9/11 terrorist attacks with the help of The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). The findings are presented in short here: FAQs - NIST WTC Towers Investigation. It states that the planes’ impact, fire, and the heavy load of the buildings destroyed the WTC and the Pentagon. The US government accused the leader of Al-Qaeda, Osama Bin Laden, for 9/11, although they did not provide confirmatory evidence. They tried to seize Osama Bin Laden but he was killed in the attempt which left many important questions unanswered. The investigation failed to offer a convincing answer to the basic question: why did these 19 terrorists do it?

Together, the doors opened wide for conspiracy theories. A large number of people disagree with the NIST report. They accuse the US government of destroying the WTC by planting explosive devices in it and crushing the part of the Pentagon with a missile. One of the leading organizations that accuse the government is “Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth.” The accusations of these organizations are mainly presented on social networks such as Facebook and YouTube. Their reports dominate the topic with thousands of documentaries trying to prove the government did it. These reports are pseudoscientific so I have to disagree with them.

If we analyze motives for the terrorist attack, the government and mainstream US media have found it in the fact that the suicidal terrorists did not like US values, freedom and democracy. Those are really shallow and miserable statements with which I strongly disagree. If they were even slightly objective, they would find motive in the aggressive US foreign policy.

The alternative media has found motive for the alleged government’s involvement in the demolition of the WTC in the desire to get the American people to support the conquering of independent countries in the Middle East. The wars in the Middle East were indeed triggered by 9/11. However, I do not see how US government officials would be able to gain personally from the crime of aggression on these independent countries.

While reading discussions related to 9/11 on various forums, I found the most significant divide was between people who think the government did it and those who do not believe it. I would say approximately half accuse the government of 9/11 and a half don’t. They fiercely argue about why 9/11 happened, who had an interest in it, and finally who did it. They were not able to find convincing answers and an explanation to which all might agree. It triggered me to see the truth about 9/11. I performed my investigation which gave conclusive answers to all of the questions regarding 9/11. I am presenting my findings here.


The twin towers. We all saw two planes hit the twin towers. The planes’ impacts critically damaged them. If the planes were twice as large, they would probably have cut the towers in two. Then the fire weakened the construction of the buildings until the huge loads of the buildings reached critical pressure, causing the crash of the towers. That was the government’s explanation, with which I agree. I wrote the article A Clear Explanation Why the Twin Towers Collapsed in which I have scientifically explained how the skyscrapers crushed down. I believe it is a credible explanation.

The alternative media on social networks have accused the US government of planting explosives which destroyed the twin towers. Thousands of reports and documentaries tried to convince people by using suggestive explanations such as the buildings could never collapse if hit by a plane, or that the explosions which destroyed the buildings were heard by many witnesses. Some of the mainstream media broadcasted or published the accusations of the alternative ones.

I would like to know why not one of these reports asked essential questions like why anybody would try to destroy both twin towers twice at the same time when both of the attempts are extremely difficult to realize? Where exactly would the explosive devices be planted to demolish the buildings the way they went down? Who might plant the explosives? How would planting the explosives possibly go unnoticed by people who work there? Explosive experts would have to plant the explosives exactly at the place where the planes hit the buildings or else the collapse might start elsewhere. That means they would have to know in advance where the jets were going to hit the buildings. This is hard to believe even if the pilots were extremely skilled. But then if the planes hit the building exactly where the explosives were planted, why did they not go off immediately when the planes hit? What exactly might have triggered the presumed explosives and how? What would determine the timing of the explosion? None of that was questioned, analyzed, explained, or discussed, not to mention investigated, which is way too short of a serious accusation against the government.

Here I enclosed one of many very shallow documentaries which try to prove that explosive devices demolished the twin towers: WTC: How The Towers Fell. Instead, it actually proves that the collapse of both buildings was caused by the damage of the planes, fire, and the large weight of the buildings.

The slow-motion video at 38:23 is a well-documented cheat easy to debunk. The narrator states that the top of the building disappears in the explosion. But no explosion is to be seen; there is no high-speed debris flying from the place of the alleged blast. Instead, the documentary presents the implosion of the top of the building and collapsing floors. One can see eruptions of smoke and fire coming out from the building, but not as the result of explosions, but under the pressure of collapsing floors. Some people believed they heard explosions in the buildings. They were mistaken. If we throw a book on a table, it will bang. Imagine how loud the collapse of the whole floor would bang! That was what those people heard.

The upper part of the building started imploding floor by floor at the level where the plane hit the building. The construction below was rigid and resisted the collapse of nearly 10 stories (see the scale in the above-linked video) which piled on before reaching the critical weight and the kinetic energy of the load, which the construction below could not withstand. Then the weight of the building hammered down floor by floor the whole building to the foundations, almost like a free fall. Yes, the construction was sturdy but not enough to resist the power of the falling load above. The columns below bent and collapsed like nails hit by a big hammer to a hard surface. That is all one needs to understand physics.

And finally, the first building to collapse was hit second by the plane. Why? The second building was hit lower than the first one so that the load above the plane’s impact of the second building was more significant than the weight above the first. The more massive pressure quickened the collapse of the building hit second. That also indicates that the collapses were not triggered by the explosion.

This video proves that all talk of explosive use is devised fraud of false conspiracy creators. It proves the documentary was created on purpose to accuse the government and trick people.


The Pentagon. No camera clearly shows the Pentagon being hit by a plane. The security cameras around the Pentagon had a speed of one snapshot per second while the plane flew at 200 meters per second so that it escaped the camera. That opened the door to conspiracy theorists claiming not a plane hit the Pentagon but a missile. Again thousands of alternative media have created fake pseudoscientific reports claiming a missile caused the Pentagon destruction. So according to these reports, the Pentagon hit the Pentagon with a missile.

These reports did not bother to question where the missing plane was if a missile hit the Pentagon? The attack on the Pentagon occurred at 9:45 AM. Hundreds of people saw the plane hitting the Pentagon and not one person saw a missile. That is the reason these reports did not bother to ask the eyewitnesses what they saw. Even the conspiracy theory stood on extremely shaky legs; not a seriously organized effort has been made to debunk these reports.

All these fake reports cannot cheat those who think with their heads and try to discover the truth on their own. Some individuals fought for the fact but got lost in a sea of fake reports. For example, Jeffrey Hill, frustrated by false statements about the destruction of the Pentagon, conducted his own research nine years after the incident. He searched the archive of various newspapers trying to find the eyewitnesses statements. He found many witnesses and interviewed them by unsolicited phone calls in which he asked them to confirm what they saw on 9/11. After that Jeffrey Hill said: “These people did not talk about hypotheticals based on the size of the hole in the Pentagon or the lack of aircraft debris; they related what they saw on 9/11.” Jeffrey Hill presented the voice recordings and his analysis here: What really happened.”His conclusion was: “The Pentagon was hit by a plane, end of story.” He proved it.

The Pentagon actually collapsed the same way as the twin towers even though the load above the impact point was much smaller. The longer time under the fire replaced the lesser destructive power of the Pentagon weight.


The WTC building 7. It is the core of the conspiracy theory because the supporters of conspiracy theories stated such a building never collapsed due to fire. To them, it looked like a controlled demolition, controlled demolition, controlled demolition… repeated thousands of times in thousands of reports. In such a way the collapse of WTC building 7 has become a controlled demolition to a large number of people.
However, everything that these reports present is wrong. Actual future events proved that high rise buildings do collapse in the fire. On May 13, 2008, the 13-story building of the Faculty of Architecture, at the Delft University of Technology, Netherlands, collapsed under fire. On 19 January 2017 the 17-story Plasco Building in Tehran, Iran, collapsed during a skyscraper fire.

Also, one could not possibly secretly plant explosive devices in either WTC building. First, planting explosives which can destroy the building requires a lot of time and it cannot pass undetected by people who work there, and second, such explosives cannot be invisible.

The collapse of WTC building 7 really looked like a controlled demolition as it was presented in media, but that does not mean it was indeed a controlled demolition. All these “deep analytic and scientific” documentaries about the collapse of building 7 have “forgotten” to present that its core collapsed 7 seconds before the rest of the building. They skipped that on purpose because this would prove that no explosive was used in the collapse of the building. Please take a look at the following documentary: 9/11 WTC 7 Demolition - Westside Highway CBS Camera Angle at 7:24.

No controlled demolition of any building ever happened in two parts with a 7-second delay. A camera never detected explosion in building 7, nor did anybody see it even though the building was under constant supervision before the downfall.

So what happened? Building 7 was damaged by debris flying from the North WTC twin tower (see the picture below). It burned almost all day after being abandoned by firefighters, which was normal after the ruin of the twin towers. When firefighters abandoned the burning building it's collapse was just a matter of time. The whole day fire additionally weakened the damaged steel structure of the building. The heavy load of the building destroyed the weakest columns of the core of the building which led to its collapse.

But why did the whole building collapse? The fire did not affect the entire building. I am an architect and engineer and will try to explain it here in a way everyone can understand. The collapse of the core of the building together with the broken corner disturbed the balance of the building static causing the horizontal pressure. As a result, the whole building twisted one second before the collapse, which is visible in the documentary. The controlled demolition cannot cause this twist because controlled demolitions always collapse buildings straight down. These buildings drop, they do not twist. This twist destroyed the building.

Steel construction is strongly resistant to axial pressures but is very weak to bending moment stresses. Steel columns are too thin to keep resistance to big bending forces, especially if exposed to high temperature. They act like wooden sticks. One can easily break a stick by bending it until it snaps and that is the only way to break it. The same happens to steel columns. When the construction of building 7 twisted, the load of the building created big bending moment stress to the steel columns. They bent practically without resistance and in no time on the floor most damaged by fire. Then the building collapsed almost in free fall as we saw. Building 7 started falling in the core slightly ahead of the perimeters. That delay presents the horizontal speed of the collapsing columns under the load.

So the only convincing claim of conspiracy theorists lied in the fact that the collapse of building 7 did look like a controlled demolition, however, steel construction buildings actually could not collapse in any other way. This is the only way building 7 was able to collapse.

The US government could not destroy the WTC even in theory. President Bush acted awkwardly when he was informed about 9/11 which tells me he knew nothing about it. He would not be able to hide it if he knew. Also, I cannot even imagine how the government would find one person in the darkest corner of the CIA willing to kill thousands of fellow citizens. Planting explosives in the WTC would require the engagement of a large number of people. Also, there is no guarantee they would all keep silent. That would be entirely an impossible mission. I’ve found that all of the accusations against the government are incredibly shallow nonsenses leading me to conclude that we are witnessing a conspiracy against the government, innocent of the destruction 9/11.


I hope that this analysis has proved to all that conspiracy against the government exists. OK but who are then the conspirators and why did they accuse the government? Did the conspiracy against the US government have anything to do with the suicidal terrorists who attacked the WTC? I think it did and I will try to explain it here.

Only an extremely powerful organization must have organized a conspiracy against the US government. Only the most influential capital could manage it. The conspirators are the powerful owners of large corporations that rule over the Western world. This capital has the interest to dominate the whole world. They wanted to extend their power over the Middle East by using the 9/11 conspiracy. I'll try to prove it here.

Big capital needed 9/11 to get support from the American people for aggression on the independent Middle East countries and their conquest. All wars that took place in the Middle East after 9/11 are the result of this conspiracy. The US government could not profit from these aggressions, only the owners of corporations could benefit from it. They are the ones who make money in wars.

Could the 9/11 attack be organized by the attackers alone? Was it a gift from heaven to the owners of corporations that enabled them to attack the Middle East? This is hardly possible. In that case, the mass-organized accusations against the US government would not exist. The conspirators would have to wait for an opportunity to conquer the Middle East countries and that was not suitable for them. I believe that big capital accelerated this process by planning the attack on the WTC. The conspiracy was born.

The conspirators could have relatively easily found people ready to destroy the WTC in Saudi Arabia, where most suicidal terrorists come from. One agent of the conspirators might have contacted one person in Saudi Arabia to find people willing to commit 9/11. It should not have been a difficult task in a state full of religious fanatics, very angry at the US for its aggressive foreign policy. In that case, there was almost no risk for the purveyors of the attacks to be caught. I believe the conspirators did it that way. Those suicidal fanatics most likely received money and support to destroy the WTC. Otherwise, they would have difficulty entering the US or attending flight school for example. But the most rewarding thing to suicidal terrorists was pride for being chosen for such a big task. Ironically they committed 9/11 without knowing they worked for their worst enemies. Some information points to Saudi Arabia having something to do with 9/11, but there is strong resistance to any investigation.

The owners of corporations knew they committed a massive crime by destroying the WTC. To hide possible traces of the crimes, they needed to frame somebody else for it. The US government was the perfect suspect. Big capital accused the US government of 9/11 mainly through alternative media. Massive attacks on the US government points to a large organization that supports this conspiracy. Big capital has done it to prevent the development of an idea which might connect them to the crime. In other words, if big capital was not involved in 9/11, there would be no reason for its accusations against the government. In this case, articles which accuse the government of 9/11 would hardly exist, and nobody would take them seriously. That fact indirectly proves big capital committed 9/11. If the government did help the big capital in 9/11 conspiracy in any way, big capital would accuse another innocent victim. Well, they certainly would not blame themselves!

The government is a puppet on the strings of big capital, and big capital does not mind accusing the government if the accusation benefits them. The owners of corporations do it often because, in such a way the people become aware they cannot change anything, they accept their powerlessness. Whenever people hear that the CIA did this or that, there is no way they would ever know if the rich did not tell them. Simply, the rich control all the means of information coming to people. It does not matter whether the CIA did this or that, accusing the CIA means accusing the government. The accusations have never gone to the rich who control the government and profit from it.

Does it mean big capital plans to sacrifice the government? Of course not! It cannot do it with such shallow accusations and also because the government is innocent in 9/11. If under the pressure of accusations against the government, which are paradoxically controlled by the same big capital, the investigation on 9/11 ever reopens, it would in no time find that explosives were never used and that the government is innocent.

Then big capital would release thousands of objective reports about 9/11 in all of the media, which right now it prevents from publishing, presenting a full shallowness of today’s fake reports. The truth would “win”. That would tell everyone no conspiracy ever existed, which would be false. No investigation would ever be performed in Saudi Arabia where the suicides were engaged, and big capital would walk free as it is used to doing after committing crimes. This is just another deception big capital is a master at.

Part of people who accuse the government right now would not accept the truth as Mark Twain said: “It's easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.” Another part of those people would feel stupid and would be ashamed for being seduced. They would become silent members of society without any wish to rebel again. I have already become aware of it while presenting the truth on various forums. Both of these people are useful to big capital.


Now people need to understand that the conspiracy 9/11 triggered wars worth trillions of dollars. Not to mention how much the conspiracy would be worth to big capital if they succeed in conquering all the countries in the Middle East.

Can one imagine how many conspiracy agents the conspirators could hire with this amount of money? They could not have had problems finding people who would support their conspiracy theory and say whatever the conspirators needed. The public is already programmed not to understand anything because the media continually present nonsense. People are so confused that they do not know what is true and what is false anymore. I want to emphasize that the prime task of a conspiracy is to gain profit for conspirators, but also it is important to hide it by guiding people to the wrong track. Cheating people is the center of any conspiracy.

Among thousands of propagandists who accuse the government of 9/11, I believe hundreds are paid for their job. The rest are so naive followers that they help the conspirators for free. These people do not drop the case even 16 years after it happened.

One of the most exposed conspiracy supporters is Richard Gage, a member of the “American Institute of Architects” and founder of Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth. I can guess how he became an influenced person. Probably he expressed his opinion somewhere publically that the government might be responsible for 9/11. After that, he immediately got great access to the media and lots of money to be able to distribute his opinion wider. That attracted naive people and the conspiracy movement was born.

Dr. Juddy Wood wrote “the Towers didn’t burn up, nor did they slam to the ground. They turned (mostly) to dust in mid-air.” She called the technology that destroyed the twin towers a direct energy weapon but failed to say anything about it. The readers can easily conclude that only the US government is capable of developing such a weapon. But the dust happened just because more than 5,000 cubic meters of extra light concrete was embedded into the building floors as a sound barrier and to prevent vibration of steel construction. The extra light concrete instantly turned to dust under the heavy pressure of the collapse. The shallow observation of Dr. Juddy Wood got significant access to media and scientific lectures. The truth has much more difficulties in breaking in.   
The conspirators control media and let corrupted and stupid people speak publicly a lot. There is a considerable number of architects and engineers who do not want to talk about such shallow accusations against the government. Some of them could easily debunk the 9/11 conspiracy but do not have access to media. That is how those who have power in society control society’s opinions.

Richard Gage allegedly leads the group of over 2,500 architects and engineers who support the idea that the government committed 9/11. Here is one of Richard Gage’s propaganda works: Over 2,500 architects and engineers prove 9/11 was an inside job! However, I do not believe he was able to attract that many so-called experts because it is impossible to find that the number of stupid or corrupted architects or engineers. “The Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth” organization presents pure cheat, nonsense, and pseudoscience; it is more a cult than an organization. Their parent organization The 9/11 Truth is a huge fake organization. This is the only organization which does not provide the founders' names, nor the names of their leaders; it does not provide any name. That means nobody stands behind their “truth”.

“Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth” calls for an investigation which is supposed to uncover who is responsible behind 9/11 but I believe they do not know that they work for these people. “The 9/11 Truth” is a non-profit organization which cannot survive without donors. If they enclose the names of those people who are giving them money that might lead to those people who actually organized 9/11. The investigation just needs to follow the money.

The money would most likely lead to Jacob Rothschild unless it stops at David Rockefeller who recently died. Anyway, they have worked together at the top of the world conspiracy. Jacob Rothschild is a hidden leader of the Western world. He is the owner of corporations and big capital from this article. I do not have hard evidence against him because it is impossible to collect it without an official investigation. My accusation is based on the fact that no one else is powerful enough to do 9/11. I have been investigating Jacob Rothschild from the time NATO attacked my homeland Yugoslavia and published the findings in the article: Jacob Rothschild is guilty for the conspiracy against humankind.


November 5, 2017



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