Privileges are Evil

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Privileges are evil


Privileges are definitely the biggest mistake of mankind of all the time. I would define privileges as a condition that gives individuals power over others. Our culture, which we inherited, teaches us that power over people is a value so that privileges become values as well. The word privilege immediately reminds us of people who have power or the very successful people, but privileges are far more widespread. Almost every person is somehow privileged and that is not good. This article mainly presents the sources of privileges, the reasons why they are not good, and how they can be removed. 

Talents a man himself possesses and develops should not be considered as privileges, but talents in the alienated society easily earn privileges. Ability should not be considered a privilege but if ability gives people power over others then it becomes a privilege. Work should not be considered a privilege but if the job gives people power over others then it becomes a privilege. Achieved material wealth should not be considered a privilege, but if it gives people power over others, it becomes a privilege. Beauty should not be considered a privilege, but if beauty gives power over others, it becomes one. 

Most people, by their subjectivity, consider privileges as overcoming their own powerlessness in nature. Privileges can easily create the illusion of power in nature to the man and then bring great happiness that looks like the real prevail of his powerlessness in nature. Such a man tends to start admiring himself greatly and creates a narcissistic feature of his own character. This feature of character glorifies the subjective vision of conscience, which develops the alienation of man from objective reality. A narcissistic man is so burdened with himself that he is not able to notice anything valuable besides him exists. He loses respect for people and that inhibits him from reaching natural benefits in relationships with other people. He loses respect towards nature as well. Legend says that Narcissus felt so in love with himself that he did not manage to learn to swim, so he drowned in the lake where he was watching his reflection. 

A man objectively does not need privileges but subjectively they easily bring an illusion of power in nature, fool people and become a big value. However, privileges bring happiness to the narcissistic man coming from the subjective vision of power in nature and therefore he invests a great effort in maintaining the survival of his own privileged status. But normally, it does not matter how much a narcissistic man tries, nothing can overcome his weakness in nature. Obviously, it is not possible to keep beauty and youth, and everyone who tries to do so is their own worst enemy because they are condemned to lifelong suffering. Other alienated needs are more difficult to identify but the final result is the same. Privileged people in real life must encounter conflicts with objective reality. Then they necessary suffer. Pain destroys the souls of narcissistic people and they very often find escapes from the painful suffering in perversion of their own sensibility.

Narcissistic people, by their subjective consciousness, may identify the loss of privileges with the loss of their existence, so that any threats to their privileges causes them panic and fear, and they desperately seek salvation. Hurting someone’s narcissism provokes hatred that cannot forgive. Nothing attacks people as much as someone’s injured narcissism, nothing destroys marriages as much as someone’s injured narcissism, nothing kills people as much as someone’s injured narcissism, and nothing provokes wars as much as someone’s injured narcissism. Injured narcissism is the main cause of destructiveness in society. All evil in the history of humanity stems from narcissistic forms of character. 

Privileges corrupt people. People that privileges cannot spoil are so rare that they can be considered nonexistent. I am not sure whether or not privileges would be able to corrupt me at least a little bit. Privileges should be prevented as a requirement of establishing a constructive orientation of people. Preventing privileges means overcoming narcissism and destructiveness in society. 

Powerless people tend to reach privileges. The greater the feeling of weakness of a man in society and nature, the greater is his need for creating privileges.  With this in regard, the more we overcome the weakness of people the more the problem will be solved. Powerlessness of people will be overcome by using the system I have proposed.


Privileges may be developing from childhood 

An exaggerated concern for children may be a more serious problem than the neglecting of children. I will try to explain it with the example of the upbringing of Adolf Hitler. The mother of Adolf Hitler admired his son unconditionally. She did everything she could to please him. She did all his chores instead of him. Psychologist Erich Fromm believes that this is not love because of the lack of responsibility for the future of the child, and I agree with him. Adolf Hitler grew convinced that he was perfect without the investment of any effort. This way he developed his extreme narcissistic view of the world. The world for him existed only as far as he could subjugate it to his needs. His mother was just a maid for him who fulfilled all his wishes and pulled him out of unpleasant situations. This made him irresponsible towards life and incapable to love. 

Of course later on in real life, as the result of ignorant upbringing, Adolf Hitler experienced many painful moments. The pain brings most people back to reality but not extremely narcissistic Adolf Hitler. While he was suffering in unpleasant reality, he got into his shell and performed endless internal monologue to himself with which he justified his inadaptability to society. The speaker skills he developed in this way helped him expose himself to the German people during a very sensitive political moment. The rest is history. Adolf Hitler’s story is not about criminal genetics but about very irresponsible upbringing of the child. I am convinced that if his mother did not spoil him during the earliest years of his life and if his father spanked him, Adolf Hitler would probably have became a prominent retailer or something like this, and 35 million people would not have been killed in the Second World War. With this respect, even violent parents are not as bad in the upbringing of their children as the ignorant parents who spoil them. They are the greatest enemies to their children while at the same time they do great damage to society. 

Millions of children around the world are brought up in a similar manner as Adolf Hitler, where parents really damage their children with good intentions. Spoiled children are very irresponsible and do not develop their natural abilities. They have a lot of big problems throughout life and suffer because of it. A child’s high degree of narcissism can be identified by excessive confidence or by exaggerated fear, and also by strong aggressiveness or excessive seclusion. A child's aggression can only be removed by drastic penalties while in the case of excessive seclusion a lot of knowledge and attention are needed.  If parents show weakness towards children’s aggression or indifference towards children’s depression, they can easily create very inadaptable children who will be unhappy in their lives and during one moment of crisis they may become murderers. The Virginia Tech massacre is such an example where a student killed 32 people and wounded many others before committing suicide.

If parents do not fulfill their parental duties in the upbringing of children then it is most likely too late for the productive development of children. Then only psychiatrists or oppressive state apparatus can somewhat help. Now you are probably wondering where the boundary in upbringing that divides responsible and irresponsible children towards their future is. This border is defined by the knowledge that is the fruit of the equal people relationship. This is a state where children will not feel superiority or inferiority. I've defined a system that will achieve such a society in my book The Humanism.


Economic privileges

The owners of the means of production realize the most widespread form of privilege today. In a society where there is a high unemployment of workers, employers are especially privileged. Unemployed workers are forced to accept low-paying jobs in order to feed their families. The privileged owners of the means of production abuse that to give workers poor wages in order to achieve higher profits for themselves. Then, employers develop narcissistic traits that make them insensitive to the needs of workers. In this manner, the exploitation of workers occurs; the foundation of today's problems in society.

The solution to these problems is very simple. All that needs to be done is reduce privileges of employers. Their privileges will be reduced by abolishing the unemployment of workers. This can be done by reducing work hours proportionally to the unemployment rate. Once unemployment is removed, employers will have to compete with each other to hire workers by increasing the incomes of workers. Workers will achieve a greater purchasing power and will buy more, which will help the capitalist economy produce more and profit more. The problem is that the increase of workers' rights reduces the privileges of employers and the latter vehemently oppose it. This problem must be resolved because only the equalization of the rights of people can build a good future of humanity.

In the final stage of the development of the new humanistic system I have proposed the complete abolition of employer privileges by introducing a system of work competition in public companies. I have proposed a work competition among workers in public companies. Each work post will be taken by a worker who offers the highest productivity at any time. No one position in public companies will be privileged any longer. 

In the new system, each work position will be equally desired. This will be achieved when each position with a defined productivity has a worker who asks for the lower price of labour. Labor price will be only one of the factors that determine the height of income but it can be said that better jobs will achieve relatively lower incomes and worse jobs will be compensated with relatively higher incomes. Thus, the labour market will balance working interest in all jobs.

The new economy will form a very effective system of accountability for the realization of productivity workers offered so that they would not dare offer productivity they cannot accomplish. Responsibilities of managers and workers will be so great that they would have to mutually agree on the production and establish a high degree of consensus before making decisions. This kind of market economy will result in co-operation at all levels of production processes and thus, will contribute to the development of a productive society.

No economy can be better than the one where every job gets the best worker available. Such an economy will easily become significantly more productive than the capitalist one, so that capitalism will be forced to withdraw. When capitalism ends humanism will begin. It will abolish privileges by creating equal rights relations in a society and will build an unthinkably better future for humanity. 


My experience with priviledged people

The owners of the means of production might be privileged in relation to the consumers as well. The owners of the ski resort, Mt. St. Louis and Moonstone in Ontario are privileged. Their privilege arises from the fact that Ontario is a very flat province so that the little hill they possess at a distance of 100 kilometres from Toronto is always full of skiers. This privilege made the owners of the ski resort arrogant. 

Last year, I went with my family there to ski. We bought tickets for the ski lift. I placed my ticket in special transparent pocket designed just for that purpose. When I approach the ski lift, a young, blonde girl got into my face and welcomed me with an arrogant voice telling me if I did not put the ski pass on a string I had to leave the line up for the ski lift. I concluded by her bad behaviour that she was the spoiled daughter of the owner of the ski resort. Her behaviour did not leave any chance for compromise so I answered that I would leave the ski line up if she returned my money for the ski pass. Then the owner of the resort appeared and insisted that I leave the ski lift line-up. I repeated that I would leave if my ski pass was reimbursed. He did not replied to my request, but he used force and kicked my ski boots out of my skis. I resisted him but he managed to push me down into snow. His assistant jumped on me while the owner struck me with his boot in the ribs. My wife and daughters watched all of this, screaming at them to leave me alone, so they did. I immediately called the police expecting that the police would protect citizens, but this was not the case. Namely, the police in Canada protect private capital more than people. The policemen told me that I must leave the ski resort.  

The privilege of ownership of the ski resort gave great power and that alienates those people from their own nature. And so they have built a high degree of narcissism, and as such, they have lost the ability to correctly perceive the natural laws and reach a normal healthy life. They cannot find happiness in their lives. If these arrogant people somehow get an unlimited power they might become some variant of Adolf Hitler. Many arrogant people around the world would repeat what Hitler did if they got the chance. It would be quite wrong to conclude that such opportunities cannot occur again.

In the system that I have proposed, every man will get an equal right to evaluate any other man. Each positive assessment should automatically bring a small prize to the assessed person. On the other hand, any negative assessment will result in a punishment of the same form. Let us say that awards and penalties of such evaluation would have an equivalent value of one dollar. Arrogant people, such as the owners of the ski resort, make a lot of mistakes to many people, and because of that, they would receive a large number of negative evaluations. For what they did to me and my family, they would certainly receive our negative evaluation for years. After that, they would no longer dare to create any disadvantages in society. Such measures will definitely reduce the uncontrolled or insufficiently controlled power of individuals coming out from privileged statuses in society. Only then will the destructive orientation of society be overcome. 


Capitalism is an endless field of struggle for privileges and the endless array of immorality. Recently I received a letter from Domain Registration of Canada  that kindly informed me that the registration of the name of my web site,, expires soon and that it should be extended. The name of the company sounds like it was a state agency, so I extend the registration of my web site name for the next ten years without thinking twice. Then I found that the company did not belong to the state, but was private and that I paid three times the registration than I would have paid to the company that maintains my web site. By surfing the Internet, I found that behind this fraud is Brandon Gray Internet Service Inc, where the registration was in fact performed. This fraud is legal in capitalism. In the system that I have proposed, these kinds of frauds will not be possible. 


In capitalism, it doesn’t matter how cautious you are, you never know who will cheat on you and how. All the advertising we are exposed to everywhere, wherever we turn, are forms of fraud that are made to deceive consumers but do not require manufacturers to obey what they say in them. I am very concerned for the production of food. I think that the food produced in capitalism is very unhealthy. Only profit is important to capitalists and their privileges come from the fact that they can make money by selling us unhealthy goods including food.

I’ve noticed that obese people in America love fast food and are addicted to it. With this food, people eat hormones and steroids, which speed up the growth of animals, so no wonder consumption of such food makes people fat. America has the most obese people in the world because the unhealthiest processed food is produced in America. People today eat antibiotics in food, which reduces natural resistance against diseases. People today eat food with pesticides, herbicides, preservatives, stabilizers, and preservatives that poison them. People today eat food with artificial colors, flavours, and who knows what other toxins that rich owners of food chains enforce into health standards in order to achieve greater profits. 

I protect my health and the health of my family by buying mostly organic food, which is quite expensive. Despite this, I have no guarantee that the food is actually organic, or even healthy. How can a man be cautious? Whom to believe? Do we need to return to farmland and produce our own food alone even after the huge developments of science and industry due to unscrupulous profiteers? In the system that I have proposed, the production of food will not be based primarily on profit, and no one would dare produce unhealthy food. 

Today, money is the main, if not only, defined value in society and that is why individuals compete to get privileges in order to earn, grab, steal, and rob more money from people. Some even enslave and kill people in order to earn more money. When one accepts the system that I have suggested, privileges will disappear and the man will become a value. Then the individuals will compete much more in the field of creating more benefits to people rather then earning more money. This will form a good society. 


Now, I am living in a big building that has an outdoor and indoor swimming pool. There is a service of maintenance and a board of directors composed mostly of retired people who make decisions of common interest. For a director position in the Board of Directors mostly apply power hungry residents and they like using their power. Generally power hungry people apply to be on the Board of Directors. Life experience taught me that power hungry people are the worst people because they love to use their power at the expense of others. The Board of Directors has hired a woman who works as a lifeguard at the pools and maintains order. She forbade me from protecting my five-year-old daughter with sun screen at the outdoor pool because someone from the Board of Directors wrongly informed her that sun screen damages the pool installation. This was misinformation because sun screen may be harmful for the Jacuzzi but not for the pool. However, this rule was in force for years and harmed the users of the pool.  The other tenants have told me in confidence that they protect themselves from the sun at home before they get to the pool. I succeed to revoke this stupid decision by writing a letter to the management board.

I also asked the Board of Directors to stop discriminating children. Children had 2 hours less right per day to use the swimming pools than adults. This decision could not have any justification. It presents a naked arrogant power from the Board of directors only. Recently, the directors fired a kind superintendent and hired an opposite one. They have forbidden residents to sit in the sofas located in the lobby. They also tried to ban tenants from walking dogs through the main entrance. What is it actually about? Most of these people in the Board of directors have ill-lived their lives in an alienated society and hate the whole world because of it, especially children whose entire lives stand before them. Now, in the privileged position of the Board of Directors, they often create rules just in order to achieve power over people and make their lives harder. This is called sadism in the normal world and represents a disease of the alienated society. Something in the system that I have proposed which will not be possible. In this system, elderly people will be satisfied with their lives and will not need to mistreat anyone, not even the children. 


I played amateur soccer and basketball for more than forty years. I mostly did it because running is healthy. I was never particularly handy with a ball, but it was always easier to me to run after the ball than running around a stadium. I scored a lot of goals and enjoyed it a lot. One should cheer as much as they can because it is healthy. However, in today's society to be happy playing the game is not valuable. On the other hand, there are players to whom winning is the issue of "life or death." They do not show joy in the game, they play very aggressively and cannot stand defeat. These are mainly talented people for sports whose talents build their privileged statuses in games and consequently the narcissistic feature of their character. They bring conflicts into sports. Finally, I’ve escaped from such conflicts by not playing collective sports anymore. The relationship between my orientation and theirs is the relationship between health and illness. People are not aware of that because if they were, they would select good and not evil for themselves. One day my philosophy will solve such problems. 


Privileges made Clinton, Bush and Blair criminals 

What can one expect from truly privileged people? U.S. President Bill Clinton opposed the request from powerful people to commit criminal aggression on Yugoslavia until the Monika Lewinski case was imposed on him. I wrote more about it in the article My Debt to Yugoslavia. Great pressure was put on President Clinton to comment on the nature of his relationship with Monika Lewinski. As a result, he gave a false statement before the Commission of the U.S. Congress, negating the nature of the relationship was sexual. Now I’m wondering as of when the U.S. Congress was interested in the sexual life of American presidents and why? But the Monika Lewinski case was so "important" for the survival of the United States, that Bill Clinton should eventually be impeached from the presidential position. This is the story for naďve people. This story only served as blackmail for President Bill Clinton to force him to follow the interests of the most powerful people of the world . Obviously, the career was much more important to President Clinton than the lives of innocent people. After the aggression against Yugoslavia, the impeachment was completely forgotten. Here is chronology of the Monika Lewinski case. Official information on how the case was closed was never released. 

Keeping his position was not Bill Clinton’s only benefit through the aggression against Yugoslavia. When his term for presidency expired, he established a humanitarian foundation, “William J. Clinton”, in order to finance his library in Little Rock, Arkansas and charitable efforts in dozens of countries to reduce poverty and treat AIDS. When his wife, Hillary Clinton, wished to take the position of the U.S. Secretary of State, Bill Clinton was demanded to release the list of donors to his foundation in order to avoid possible conflict of interest. It was presented that the Bill Clinton Foundation collected a rather large amount of 492 millions dollars. I claim that many donors of his fund supported Clinton’s aggression against Yugoslavia and their donations were reward for the criminal action. This is corruption and crime of the worst kind. President Bill Clinton has to take responsibility before court for what he did.  


The aggression on Afghanistan was "legal" because it was approved by the United Nations. The aggression, under the name "War against Terrorism", was lead by U.S. President George W. Bush and UK Prime Minister Tony Blair in response to the terrorist attack in New York known as 911. The aggression was carried out by the charges that the Government of Afghanistan supports terrorism. First of all, one needs to say that the Afghan government did not have any connection with this terrorist action. Mostly citizens of Saudi Arabia performed the terrorist action 911. Most of the media and leaders of many countries claim that the head of the terrorist action was rich, Saudi Osama Bin Laden, although this is not proven. So then why was the aggression against Afghanistan committed? Afghanistan is a country that did not obey to dictates of the United States. "The war against terrorism" was an excuse for the conduction of American imperialist policies against independent states. 

The additional pretext for the aggression was that the government in Afghanistan was very oppressive towards its people. This is an example of the arrogant superiority of privileged and developed countries in relation to the rest of the world. I do not claim that the system in Afghanistan is good, but the American system is very bad and oppressive as well. One cannot impose their own culture to other nations, and certainly not when it is as unsuccessful as the American one. America is a police state that keeps its own people under control using very oppressive state apparatus. It would not survive without an oppressive state apparatus. Almost 2% of Americans are in prison or criminal processes. America is a country of alienated, unhappy people. America leads the world’s criminal rate and number of murders; it has a huge number of suicides, divorced marriages, drug addicts and alcoholics. The American economy is in chaos. At this time, America only has superiority on the military field, and even that will not last long. America has imposed the dollar as the world currency. It prints dollars out of thin air and the entire world maintains the value of the dollar by using it. That is how America exploits the entire world. Let the Americans first solve their own problems, and then teach the world how to live, never by force but through their own good example. Let them demonstrate to the whole world that Americans are happy and satisfied people, and then the whole world would follow them without the use of force.  

Americans cannot win in Afghanistan. How to win Afghani freedom fighters that are willing to give their lives for the goals in which they believe? Now the current President of the United States, Barack Obama, is taking over Bush’s "War against Terrorism" with the idea to support a puppet government in Afghanistan. I think that the idea is doomed to failure. The puppet government cannot collect the support of the Afghan people mostly because the aggressors on their land support it. This will most likely lead to a civil war in which the Afghan people will suffer. When the Afghan people get exhausted by civil war they will seek help from the developed world and they will receive it but then it will become a colony of the Western world, following many other countries in the world.

The "War on Terror" never had the intention of conquering terrorism. This war can not be won because nobody knows who the terrorists are, how many terrorists exist, or where they are located. How do you defeat a terrorist organization of which nobody knows anything? "War on terror" sounds like war against ghosts. "War on Terror" has a completely different goal and that is to enslave the free world. "War on terror" is intended to allow the American government to manipulate their own people and through repressive measures establish control over its own people and the whole world. Luckily they cannot exercise it because it is against the nature of the people and they would not allow it. In reality, the "War on Terror"  wrecks America's reputation in the world, and especially in the Muslim world. This war increases the number of people who hate America and increases the number of potential terrorists. "War on Terror" creates chaos in the world and this chaos is useful only for big businesses. Big businesses use the old proven formula: "Divide and conquer." After the chaos, the big capital acts as an economic saviour of the nations and they accept them as such, but they do not see that they have become slaves to the same capital that had attacked them.

The aggression on Afghanistan was nicely elaborated by Michael Parenti this in his article: Another Untold Story.  Here is the conclusion of his article:

One might agree with John Ryan who argued that if Washington had left the Marxist Taraki government alone back in 1979, “there would have been no army of mujahideen, no Soviet intervention, no war that destroyed Afghanistan, no Osama bin Laden, and no September 11 tragedy.” But it would be asking too much for Washington to leave unmolested a progressive leftist government that was organizing the social capital around collective public needs rather than private accumulation.

US intervention in Afghanistan has proven not much different from US intervention in Cambodia, Angola, Mozambique, Ethiopia, Nicaragua, Grenada, Panama, and elsewhere. It had the same intent of preventing egalitarian social change, and the same effect of overthrowing an economically reformist government. In all these instances, the intervention brought retrograde elements into ascendance, left the economy in ruins, and pitilessly laid waste to many innocent lives.

The war against Afghanistan, a battered impoverished country, continues to be portrayed in US official circles as a gallant crusade against terrorism. If it ever was that, it also has been a means to other things: destroying a leftist revolutionary social order, gaining profitable control of one of the last vast untapped reserves of the earth’s dwindling fossil fuel supply, and planting US bases and US military power into still another region of the world.

If you, dear readers, think that it is quite normal that the U.S. Government forces removal of governments it dislikes around the world, then you are indoctrinated by sick propaganda and completely unable to objectively view things. If we take down the definition of terrorism, then the U.S. Government has been the terrorist organization.  


The aggression on Iraq was a crime according to the resoolution of UN. The aggression began with U.S. President George W. Bush and UK Prime Minister Tony Blair on charges that Iraqi President Saddam Hussein produces weapons of mass destruction (WMD) based on nuclear-biological-chemical reactions. Such weapons in the hands of the terrorist organization Al-Qaeda could supposedly be used against the United States. The investigation has shown that the allegations were lies. Anyone who tries to make a small effort to objectively see events around the world would clearly see that the aggression on Iraq was conducted for control of Iraqi oil.

U.S. President George W. Bush and UK Prime Minister Tony Blair, through the aggression on Iraq, have killed hundreds of thousands of Iraqi people and more than 4000 of their own troops, along with 30,000 wounded. In addition to this, George W. Bush spent one trillion U.S. dollars on the war, which must be returned by the American people. Every resident of the United States now owes $4,000 more to the American Federal Reserve Bank for the aggression against Iraq. If someone tries to steal $4,000 in America, he would finish in prison, but when the President of the USA robs all the citizens in America, nothing happens. It should be said that this is the type of crime for which most courts around the world would judge the most serious penalties. Well then why have they not called to answer before court for their responsibilities for the crimes? It is obvious that leaders of the developed world are privileged people who are above the law. It must not stay like this. As long as there are people above the law, justice will not exist. Until it exists, people who live on planet Earth cannot hope for peace, prosperity, or a beautiful future. President Bush and Prime Minister Blair, together with their associates, must go to court to answer for their responsibilities for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people, for the enormous material damage that their criminal aggressions have caused, for the costs the war brought to their people, and for the pirate robbery of Iraqi oil. 

Once the system of evaluation that I have proposed is adopted the state presidents will no longer be privileged. The system will  prevent the heads of states from calling wars. Also, people would individually allocate no money from their taxes for armies and armies would cease to exist. In the new system, waging wars will be totally impossible. 


Rothschilds are the most privileged people  

One should not think that American presidents commit crimes in order to earn all the profit. American presidents come and go and cannot organize the exploitation of attacked countries for the short period time of their mandate in such form that they could earn significant profits from their aggression. There are people who have power over the American presidents and they stay at their positions permanently. These are the owners of corporations. Leaders of these corporations have a name and they must be held accountable for what they did. I am convinced that the main owners of these corporations are the Rothschild family, and behind them are the families Rockefeller, Morgan, Wartburg, etc. Forgive me if I skipped any more precious names. I wrote more about these families in my article Has Antichrist Come? I do not think that American presidents work under direct orders from these rich families. Located around the President of the US, are exclusive rings of associates who attended the appropriate schooling of the owners of corporations, in which a person can hardly enter without passing their exams excellently or are not directly connected to them. These associates impose the will of the rich families to the presidents. That is the reason the change of the US President or the UK Prime Minister almost does not change the policies of these countries. 

The Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Morgans, Wartburgs and others cannot escape the responsibility for what they have been doing. Already today, a lot of people call them out on Google and YouTube for the crimes they have committed. I believe that in the foreseeable future, most of the people around the world will understand that these families are the evil that governs the world and the main source of problems in today's society. They will understand that releasing the world from these rich families’ grasps means freeing the world from exploitation, poverty, war, alienation, and all other disadvantages of today's society. Then these families will be in real danger. But I do not want the path to a better future of humankind to be dirtied with anyone's blood. I want the future to be built on the equal rights and common agreement of all the people. I think that the best solution for these rich families is to accept the system that I have proposed. By accepting my system, they would protect themselves from lynch. The new system would certainly punish these rich families for their crimes. But what would the penalties be? Death sentences practically don’t exist today so they do not need to fear about that. In the system that I proposed, there will be no prison sentences, so they should not need to fear about that either. They will lose the privileged status. That would not be pleasant for their alienated conscience, but I would not recommend for them to unleash their anger upon me. I think that the world would not forgive them if they attacked my philosophy or me. Besides that, they should be grateful to me because without my philosophy, nothing could guarantee the survival of their families. 

When the system I have proposed is accepted, I am convinced that these families would still remain the richest families in the world. One cannot deny that by organizing capitalism, these families have created the greatest economic progress and huge betterment of the world. By accepting the system that I have suggested, they will lose the power of secretly ruling the world, but it always went for the weak hand anyway. See what their results are! Besides, I think that even if they were far more skilled than they are, they would not be able to reign throughout the world because it is not possible. The people would rebel even if they were in golden cages. People need freedom in the first place. When the world will finally be free of their chains, they would no longer have to hide their powers. People all over the world will recognise them as the most distinguished families. Is this not a nice recognition? In the new system, they would even be able to take open control over the entire world, because the system that I have proposed would need someone to lead the world. This time, the leaders will actually become directly responsible to the people worldwide. In this case, the Rothschild family and their partners would begin to contribute to creating a far better future for humanity. In this case, all people win and nobody will lose. Is this not a good offer? If they think about it, they would find the system I proposed is the best option for them as well.


Life is better without privileges 

I never aimed to have privileges. Never in my life was it my goal to have power over others. I needed money for fulfillment of natural needs only. Maybe sometimes a little more, but earning money was never a main goal in my life. That has given me a lot of time to concentrate myself on my real needs and that is why I have achieved success in my own life. That success can be measured in the first place by the fact that I have no problem with myself. I do not drink alcohol, I do not take any medication, I have neither neurosis nor depression, and I do not lack anything. On top of it all, I have a nice family. Someone can say that this is not a big success in life, but I would respond to them that not many people manage to achieve such a state. It is especially hard for privileged people to achieve such a result. In addition, by finding my inner freedom, I was able to achieve great progress in my philosophy. Success is great, not because my philosophy was very hard to create, but also because no one else has worked seriously in this field. People are so burdened with alienated values that I did not have real competition in the field of my work. 

But, as a young man, under the influence of society, I was also ambitious to promote myself. I reached some success in the field of architecture but found out that it was not a successful period in my life. Particularly, that period reminds me of my great dependence of smoking. At that time, I never even tried to stop smoking because I knew that there was no chance to overcome my addiction. Then, I focused on my philosophy, which brought me inner peace even though I continued to smoke by habit. When my first daughter was born, I felt I should stop smoking in the name of our health. I was preparing myself for a terrible battle against cigarettes. And then came an incredible surprise; I stopped smoking without any problem. I think my work helped me build inner balance that liberated me from my dependence of cigarettes. Sometimes I smoke a cigarette with my friends, but I do not have dependency on it. If I was successful in the quitting, why aren’t other people able to achieve something similar? A healthy life, which my philosophy preaches, will help people all over the world get rid of their problems and rid themselves of the addictions that concern them to achieve a good life. 

Someone might think that my indifference to achieve privileges, build power in society, establish companies, earn money, promote at work and buy houses results from my megalomaniac need to change the world. This would not be true. I’ve just discovered that the free action in the field of my own interests that is, of course, also good to people, brings greater and more stable satisfaction than any privileges can. But in one moment of my life, I noticed that all the values important to me were located behind non-crossable walls that prevented me from reaching them. I found my goal when I decided to tear down the walls, when I decided to change the world and make it a good place to live. Or to be clearer, I am by nature a little lazy, and if I were able to find interests and satisfaction in everyday life, I would never focus on my philosophy. I was not even a talented writer. Changing the world was not an easy goal, but I had no choice.

But wait a moment, weren’t all the great founders and leaders, including imperators, claiming that they wanted to build a good world? Yes, but there are huge differences between them and me. I would point out that the biggest difference comes from the fact that the great founders and leaders, including imperators, had privileged power over people, while my system will not give me any greater power than any other person. In addition, my system will bring good life and happiness equally to all people worldwide, which no great founders or leader, including imperator, has ever managed to achieve. 

I, by my nature, hardly start something, but once I move, I do not give up. Virtually nothing can stop me on my way. At this point, I have developed new ideas that will one-day change the world completely and make it a wonderful place to live for 27 years, but still I have not reached success in society. In the last nine years, 250,000 people have visited this web site and they took 2,500 copies of my book Humanism. Yet, none of them have found it valuable to join me in my effort to improve the world. What's the problem? People usually recognize my good intentions but generally they have little confidence in themselves to review them. No one is engaged in researching the development of society and that is the reason people think that new ideas are unrealizable. They are convinced that otherwise, some institution would work on them. People expect that the authorities will lead them on the right path but authorities do not want changes that reduce their power. Each change of the accepted knowledge is threat to the privileges of authorities and practically the foundation of society needs to be changed in order a good and sane society to be created. The road to progress is very closed. Despite that, I know that I have defined how the bright future of humanity will look like, I know I am right, and that is the reason I cannot find bigger meaning to my life than working on my philosophy. It brings me the work satisfaction from which I will not give up.   


Privileges must be removed 

To most people, privileged statuses bring pleasure, but I would still say that this status is alienated from the natural needs of people, so that it results, in accordance, in objective disadvantages that man, due to of his ignorance, does not associate with privileges. In the most cases, such people cannot find their inner peace. They are under constant stress and seek relief through alcohol and drugs. Furthermore, the state of internal tension precludes people to recognize objective reality. The state of internal tension makes it difficult for people to feel the correct path and make proper decisions in their lives. It makes it difficult for people to re-examine the premises that led them into their current situations, and makes it difficult for them to be enlightened. Privileges certainly alienate people from the possibilities of finding satisfaction in the natural relationship among people. In reality, privileges are powerlessness itself and evil. 

All problems in society are caused by a poor system of values. Expecting that privileges of any form of having power over others can bring happiness is just as likely as getting happiness from cocaine. They are both hallucinations based on illusions. Privileges are evil. Only when society revokes privileges will it get a chance to achieve a better life. It is not easy to do but there is no other path. Changes in society that do not abandon privileges are cosmetic changes only and cannot bring prosperity to mankind. The escape from this evil lies in the formation of the objective system of values which will be based on the natural needs of society. The system that I proposed will build such values. It will establish man as the greatest value in society. The new system will form a scale with which the value of man could be defined and measured so that people can easily notice and accept it. Once the objective values are accepted by society, forms of alienated powers arising from privileges will lose their importance because objectively, they are not values. The new system will direct people to the right path. It will give people power, so they will not ask for privileges any more. And if people would still be interested to search for privileges, they will not be able to find any because the new system would remove them.  

The system I have proposed at this web site is not only the best solution to the problems of today’s world, it’s also the only good one. That’s the reason my system will be accepted by the whole world. This system prevents hunger, fear, corruption, narcissism, racism, immorality, crime, war, and all types of destruction in the society and encourages development of productive human powers. In short, the system promises a better life for everyone and harmony to the people. It will turn the main principles that humankind has been established on so far upside down. The impact on the people will be so enormous that future generations will call everything before the implementation prehistory, and everything from the implementation on will be known as civilization.   

My humanism will save the planet Earth from all social evil and will create love, joy, peace, health, beauty, freedom, security, justice, equality, harmony, abundance; and will make paradise on earth.   


Aleksandar Šarović

March 8, 2009


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